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Bugatti Smart Watch by VIITA




Bugatti Carbone Limited Edition

No other material is more strongly linked to luxury sportscars than carbon. It is lightweight and extremely durable. For this reason, it is used for challenging applications like the monocoque of a Formula 1 car, the fuselage of a Boeing 787, heat shields in space crafts, or the carbon chassis of the Bugatti Chiron.

The carbon base material for the BUGATTI CARBON EDITION is manufactured in special Bugatti colors and CNC milled from solid. Both housing and bezel are made entirely of carbon.

New Bugatti smartwatch range, created with VIITA Watches, mirrors the unrivalled precision, artistry and technology synonymous with Bugatti hyper sports cars crafted in Molsheim.

Each of the new Bugatti smartwatch models offers an innumerable amount of technical features, among them 90 different sports, your level of oxygen in the blood, your acceleration, and specifically for the Bugatti watch a GPS tracking mode. To quickly adjust to new technologies and customer demands, VIITA has developed its own software.

Bugatti Smart Watch by VIITA
Bugatti Smart Watch by VIITA
Bugatti Smart Watch by VIITA